Monday Night Races 4-29

Annie and Carrie helped with Race Committee tonight. Annie stated, “I had no idea how much went into it.” Just send me a note if you’d like to volunteer.It was a night of the rich getting richer on a mostly reaching course. The breeze started to die, but not before the lead boats got close enough to shore to get a little land effect breeze. The one passing lane could of been between GC “1” and R “2” but the RC had to shorten the course due to the dying breeze. Putting everybody in a straight line for the finish. Stratus 1st, Diablo 2nd and Nimbus 3rd. Speaking of finishes only five of the boats crossed the finish line. When the RC flies the “M” flag then the RC boat becomes a “mark” and proceed to the finish. When the RC flies the “N” flag it means “no more racing” and head for home. In our case the N flag is only going to be flown due to failing daylight or thunderstorms. So if you see thunderheads reef immediately.
Here’s the link to the pictures:
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