About Annapolis

A Sailor’s Town

Annapolis, Maryland has earned its title as America’s Sailing Capital. With the charm and uniqueness of a colonial seaport town, modern Annapolis is a great place to visit by land or water. While you are here, don’t miss our bustling city dock, great seafood restaurants, sailor’s pubs, working boat yards, and boat design firms. Stroll our tree-lined cobblestone streets and discover charming small hotels, quaint shops, bed and breakfasts, and a living museum of colonial and early American history. Unique local institutions like the US Naval Academy and St. Johns College add to the atmosphere of the town on the Severn River known in colonial times as “The Athens of America” and more recently as “Camelot on the Chesapeake.” While visiting us, take a little extra time and discover that there is more to the “Annapolis Way” than just learning to sail.