CIT Program


Is your child ready to take their skills to the next level?

CIT Program Overview:

After years of parent and guardian requests, KidShip Sailing Camp is proud to offer a CIT program built just for you!

Do you and your family love KidShip as much as our instructors do? Do you want to feel like you’re part of the team? Well, now is your chance! Campers who are at least 13 years old and have at least 3 sessions of sailing experience at KidShip Sailing Camp are invited to apply as a CIT for the summer of 2024. This unique opportunity is a great way to gain additional sailing time for your child and allows them to take on a greater sense of responsibility. Not only do CITs have the opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem, but they also help to deliver the sailing experience that they fell in love with to a new generation of campers and gain a sense of personal independence and responsibility. CIT programs also look great on high school applications, college applications, and job applications and allow your child to stand out from the sea of applicants.


  • Be at least 13-years-old
  • Have at least 3 sessions of experience at KidShip Sailing Camp
  • Have a love for sailing and sharing your passion with others


  • Learn communication skills, leadership skills, and other invaluable life skills
  • Create life-long friendships with fellow CITs and camp instructors
  • Gain instructional experience, while having a positive influence on youth sailors

How to apply:

  • Register for the camp of your choice
  • In the registration questions, click the box that says “I want to apply to be a CIT”
  • After you register for camp, you will be contacted directly by the KidShip Director
    • You will be contacted within 48 business hours
  • You will be provided with a CIT Program application for your child to fill out
  • Once the application form is complete, return the form to the Director
  • You will be contacted once your application is reviewed

Application process:

  • Once your application form is reviewed, you will be directed to schedule a 10-minute informal virtual interview with the Director.
  • Virtual interviews will be scheduled for late May.
  • Applicants will be selected based on experience, instructor recommendations, and interview performance.

Questions? Comments? Please email the KidShip Director –

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