Rainbow 24 Sailboat Rental


No trip to the sailing capital of America would be complete without getting out on a sailboat. Our fleet of Rainbow 24s provides a safe and fun experience for those looking to have a relaxing time on the water. Feel free to bring lunch and turn it into a picnic as you pass by the sights with the wind carrying you along.

**Rentals are available during our sailing season: the beginning of April to the second week of October.


Weekdays – $158 (+taxes and fees) for a full day or any portion of a day between 9 am – 4 pm.

Weekends and Holidays – $225 (+taxes and fees) for a half-day between 9 am – 12:00 pm OR 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

*A 30-minute sailing assessment is required of all new customers. The assessment costs $30 in addition to the rental fee.


A reservation is needed to ensure that a sailboat is available when you want to go out. At least two adults are required on a rental boat, one of whom must be a qualified sailor. Up to six people are permitted on a rental boat; no children under 5 years of age are allowed. No pets are permitted.

A late fee of $75 will be charged per half-hour overdue.

  • KeelBoat Club Members: Click HERE to jump to KBC Rainbow rental’s booking and information page. You can also click the drop-down labeled “KeelBoat Club Rentals” located under the “KeelBoat Club” tab. Please have your membership ID ready.


Our Rainbow 24 sloops have proven to be nimble, fast, and forgiving. Designed by Sparkman and Stephens specifically for Annapolis Sailing School, the boats are ready to please both novice and experienced sailors. The substantial fixed keel (1100 lbs), cuddy cabin design, and large cockpit combine to produce a boat that is stable, dry, and comfortable.

Qualified Renters

At least one person in the rental party needs to have an ASA 101 certification or its equivalent. New customers must complete a sailing competency evaluation with us prior to their first rental. Renters are required to rig and de-rig their boat. The Rainbows do not have engines, so sailors must be able to depart and dock under sail.

If you need a refresher on rolling and flaking our sails, check out our how-to page here!

Sailing Area

Rentals are restricted to an area close enough to the school so that help can reach you quickly in an emergency situation. Boundaries, determined by management, are subject to change depending on weather and water conditions at the time of your rental. Please understand that going beyond these boundaries makes quick retrieval of the boats difficult in case of emergency. Late returns of boats due to venturing beyond the boundaries will result in late fees. If a renter goes outside the prescribed sailing area and needs to be retrieved, there will be a fee of $75 and the renter will be unable to rent with us in the future.


Sailing is entirely dependent upon wind and weather. We recommend that renters check three days before the rental date to see what the forecast is for that day. If small craft advisories or worse are in effect at the start of the rental, the rental may be postponed, canceled, or otherwise restricted at the discretion of the management. In that case, the rental can be re-booked at no additional cost. In low wind situations, you will need to plan your sail so that you can be back at the dock on time.


Rental reservations are charged at the time of booking. Rescheduling within three calendar days of the originally scheduled start of the reservation will result in a $50 rescheduling fee per occurrence. Cancellations made within two calendar days of the scheduled day of the reservation will receive no refund. Refunds are not available for lack of wind.


The boats are covered by insurance. Please inform management of any damage that occurred during the rental. The Lessee has no liability for repairs. However, Annapolis Sailing School is not responsible for personal injury or damage to other boats. You should check your own insurance coverage before sailing.

Other Restrictions

  • Children on board must be at least 5 years old
  • No alcohol allowed on boats
  • No pets allowed on boats
  • No swimming off the boats allowed
  • No anchoring
  • No fishing
  • Boats are not permitted to dock at other marinas or facilities other than Annapolis Sailing School
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