Monday Night Race 4-15-24

Monday Night Races 4-15

The race committee was dismayed to be watching thunderstorms so early in the season, but a strong line of storms moved south of Annapolis in the afternoon and took most of the unstable air with it.  It was decided to do short course racing near the school, so if the conditions deteriorated everyone could get in quickly.  The committee had one eye on radar scope the whole night.

The race committee got off 4 races.  In short course racing strong starts are key although passing did happen.  The conditions got puffy in races three and four and the ability to ease the main to keep the boat sailing straight became key.  As always, keeping a boat in clean air and having clean mark roundings was also key.  While rounding “clean” means not fouling other boats, it also means being tight to the mark, easing or tightening sails as you round and settling on your new course without making “S” turns or luffing your sails.


Zephyr – 1,1,5,1 (8)

Nimbus – 2,5,2,2 (11)

Mistral – 3,2,4,4 (13)

Here is the link for photos:

Here is a great drone video from Brian Harrison:

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