Season Opening is Almost Here

BIG NEWS!  The Sailing School is almost in ship shape.  Today, we finally got all of our docks in!  However, we still need to get our last ramp in.  The mountain of sand that was pulled out of our slip and basin has been hauled away by dump trucks and the beach is looking like a real beach again.   We will have seven Rainbow’s launched by the end of the day — just in time for Monday, April 3rd which marks our first on the water class for the 2o23 season!  Instructors are test sailing all of the boats and our KeelBoat Club members have started sailing the Rainbows.  We have four class boats going out to brave the April weather – there are still spaces available. Book online now to take advantage of the first class of the season!

It has been an interesting few weeks at the Sailing School.  We are growing and evolving.  Our bread and butter is and always will be teaching adults to sail.  We’ve been doing that since 1959.  Something funny,  my Aunt and Grandfather took the equivalent of ASA 101 Basic Sailor Certified in the early 1960’s – the next week they showed up to rent and promptly put the main sail on upside down.   In an effort to keep those Basic Sailor graduates engaged, we started the KeelBoat Club and the Monday Night Race program.  In 2021, the Monday Night Race program took off and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.   We started offering Wednesday Night Racing in the Annapolis Yacht Club’s fleet last year and we were running two boats right from the get-go.  Our weekend regatta in September sold out in record time, so we are going to continue that program this year and expand it to include more weekend regattas.  Our first boat for the Helly Hansen regatta has already sold out and we have a waitlist started on the second boat.   It seems our members just want to get out there and race!

I’m always searching for ideas to engage our cruising sailors.  We’ve batted around the idea of a flotilla either in the spring or fall,  a Rainbow cruise to Kentmorr’s Restaurant or a docking refresher day.  If you’ve got a good idea send it to


See everyone soon! Fair winds.

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