KidShip Fleet

KidShip’s fleet includes a range of boats carefully chosen to enhance a young sailor’s learning experience. Fast, responsive, and most of all FUN, our fleet of boats takes our new sailors from the stable, dry American 14 to the fast and challenging Laser Radial.

American 14

The American 14 has a comfortable cockpit which easily accommodates three sailors and an instructor. It has a mainsail and a jib, so every member of the crew has a job. Not only are KidShippers learning the basics of sailing, they are also working as a team. The Americans are used in our Li’l Sailors (550), Half-Day Sailing Basics (555), and Sailing Essentials (505) camps.

boat image


The Topaz is a camp favorite. Light, fast, wet, and simple this boat is great for beginners to learn on and is a great step between the American and the FJ. The Topaz is the perfect boat for our more advanced 505 students working to fine tune their skills on a boat more exciting than the American.

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Flying Junior (FJ)

The FJs are a new addition to the KidShip fleet this season. This sensitive and technical yet forgiving two-person boat provides sailors a great environment to understand advanced sail trim, weight placement and the importance of teamwork. When handled properly, these boats can be quite a thrill and will build a sailor's understanding of sail trim and sail controls.

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Laser Radial

If you watched Olympic sailing this past summer, you probably saw Lasers being raced by world-class sailors. KidShip sailors who have already completed our Intermediate Sailing course can hone their skills by single-handing the fast, sensitive, and technical 12’ Laser Radial. It is the perfect platform for learning the more technical skills of our Advanced Sailing course.

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Rainbow 24

The Rainbow 24s are the boats we use for Down the River day, part of Course 505 when the sailors plan a trip to a nearby anchorage. Rainbows are keelboats with comfortable cockpits perfect for carrying four or five sailors, an instructor, lunches, and gear for a picnic at the location they choose as their destination.

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