ASA 101 – Complete Sailor

ASA 101 Complete Sailor Certified

(5-days; Includes ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certification and Beyond Basic Sailor Course)


Person (Ages 16+): $1,450


Five Day Course
Monday: 9am-4pm
Tuesday: 9am-4pm
Wednesday: 9am-4pm
Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday: 9am-4pm


The Complete Sailor is our comprehensive program for beginner sailors. During this five-day course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to skipper vessels like our Rainbow 24 sloops. Students will have ample time to practice the skills they learn over the five days and have the opportunity to get your ASA 101 certification at their leisure. Arrive as a beginner and leave as a sailor!

On Monday and Tuesday, you learn basic sailing vocabulary, principles of sailing, sail trim, steering with a tiller, and rules of the road. All of this information is presented in a safe and fun way as you sail under the watchful eye of your on-board instructor.

Wednesday’s agenda is more flexible, allowing your instructor to concentrate on any skills that you may need to sharpen before attempting the written and practical tests for your certification.

On Thursday and Friday, you build confidence by spending more time in the boat. You will increase your spatial awareness and practice skills that every well-rounded sailor should master such as getting under way and docking under sail, reefing under way, heaving-to, and learning more advanced sail trim.

What’s Included in the Price:

  • Textbook
  • ASA testing fees
  • Logbook
  • 3-month trial membership with ASA

Beyond Basic Sailor topics include:

  • Properly Rigging and De-rigging
  • Weather Planning
  • Piloting and Aids to Navigation
  • Points of Sail Review
  • Man Overboard Review
  • Reefing Underway
  • Docking Under Sail
  • Using the Boom Vang
  • Balancing Weight and Trim
  • Using the Traveler
  • Weather Helm
  • Hull Speed
  • Heeling and Stability
  • Fairlead Cars
  • Wind Shifts
  • Leech Lines
  • Tell Tales
  • Sail Shape and Trim in Varying Conditions

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