Beyond Basic Sailor

Beyond Basic Sailor (2-day course)


Two Day Course
Thursday: 9am – 4pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm


Person (Ages 16+): $600


The best way to improve your sailing ability is to practice. The more time you spend on the water, the more you will build your sailing reflexes and the sooner sailing will become second nature to you. This course allows new sailors to solidify skills and build confidence through maximizing practice time under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

We help students refine the skills necessary for challenges such as leaving and returning to the dock under sail. A variety of other skills that we can help you get comfortable with include reefing underway, heaving-to, and more advanced sail trim. Mastering any of these skills will help you become a better sailor and a more helpful crew member!

Beyond Basic Sailor topics include:

  • Properly Rigging and De-rigging
  • Weather Planning
  • Piloting and Aids to Navigation
  • Points of Sail Review
  • Man Overboard Review
  • Reefing Underway
  • Docking Under Sail
  • Using the Boom Vang
  • Balancing Weight and Trim
  • Using the Traveler
  • Weather Helm
  • Hull Speed
  • Heeling and Stability
  • Fairlead Cars
  • Wind Shifts
  • Leech Lines
  • Tell Tales
  • Sail Shape and Trim in Varying Conditions

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