Beyond Basic Sailor

Beyond Basic Sailor (2-day course)

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Two Day Course
Thursday: 9am – 4pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm


Person (Ages 16+): $600


Ready to take your sailing a step further? Our redesigned Beyond Basic course is perfect for sailors looking to take their skills to the next level by perfecting advanced sail trim and setting spinnakers.

In this exciting, hands-on, two-day class, you’ll learn; teamwork, sail handling, advanced upwind and downwind sail trim, spinnaker sets, spinnaker jibes, and spinnaker douses. There will be brief classroom lectures on the physics of sailing, lift, twist, and flow, but most of the time will be on the water experiencing speed. All will be done in our signature “Seriously Fun” style – rigorous yet enjoyable.

Courses will be held on our brand new, designed-for-teaching, sport boat: The Caraluna 245 by Tartan.

Beyond Basic Sailor topics include:

  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Weather Planning
  • Piloting and Aids to Navigation
  • Points of Sail Review
  • Anchoring Under Sail
  • Reefing Underway
  • Docking Using a Small Outboard
  • Using the Boom Vang
  • Balancing Weight and Trim
  • Using the Traveler
  • Weather Helm
  • Hull Speed
  • Heeling and Stability
  • Fairlead Cars
  • Wind Shifts
  • Adjusting Sail Twist and Depth for Varying Conditions
  • Tell Tales
  • Spinnaker Sets, Jibes and Douses

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