ASA 101 – Basic Sailor Certified

ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certification

(Basic Sailor Certified)

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3-day courses starting either Monday or Friday

ASA 101 Weekday Course

  • Monday: 9am – 4pm
  • Tuesday: 9am – 4pm
  • Wednesday: 9am – 4pm

ASA 101 Weekend Course

  • Friday: 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday: 9am-4pm
  • Sunday: 9am-4pm


Person (Ages 16+):

$875 (weekend)

$825 (weekday)

Price Includes

  • Textbook
  • ASA testing fees
  • Logbook


Conveniently scheduled over 3 consecutive days, the Basic Sailor Certified is designed to teach you the basics of sailing and achieve your ASA 101 certification. The certification day fills in any gaps in order to provide you with the complete knowledge and skills to do well on the written and practical tests including advanced nomenclature, sound and light signals, anchoring, and mooring. In addition to classroom review time, you are provided a practice session with an instructor to help prepare them for the practical exam.

Your textbook, Sailing Made Easy, is included in the tuition and will be sent to you upon registration so that you can study before you begin your course. Upon your successful completion of the certification tests, you will receive your ASA logbook to keep track of this and any future certifications and a 3-month trial membership with ASA!

The weekend course is designed for those looking to obtain ASA 101 – Basic Keelboat Certification, but who are only available on the weekends. The weekend class condenses the classroom time of the Basic Sailor Certified course into one evening followed by two full days of on-the-water instruction on Saturday and Sunday. Because of the faster pace of this class, it is highly recommended that you read the entire textbook before your first day of class.

The Basic Sailor Certified topics include:

  • Basic Terminology
  • Sailing Theory
  • Points of Sail
  • Rigging the Rainbow 24
  • Proper Winch Techniques
  • Finding the Wind
  • Tacking and Jibing
  • Steering the Boat
  • Introductory Rules of the Road
  • Close Quarters Maneuverability
  • Figure 8 Crew Overboard Recovery
  • Introductory Aids to Navigation
  • Commonly Used Knots

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