COVID-19 Update


Through these challenging times, the Annapolis Sailing School is committed to continue offering sailing opportunities to the Annapolis Community. We believe it is important to facilitate outdoor activity to keep spirits high and provide much-needed stress relief in a safe and responsible manner. While we still abide by our motto – “Seriously Fun,”  we also are prepared to be “Seriously Safe.” Through tireless efforts, we have modified our course offerings and cleaning procedures to ensure the health and well-being of our customers and employees. 

COVID-19 Related Laws and Guidelines are constantly changing. We are closely monitoring official channels and will promptly revise these guidelines with the most current information. 

Generalized COVID Procedures

  • Any individual who previously contracted COVID-19 prior to their course must have a doctor’s approval before participating in their course at the Annapolis Sailing School.
  • Any individual with reasonable suspicion of being in contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 should wait 14 days before taking their course. The Annapolis Sailing School will provide flexibility for those who wish to reschedule their course due to potential exposure. 
  • Anyone who is exhibiting COVID symptoms upon entering the property will be asked to reschedule their course with no penalties.
  • Customers are strongly encouraged to bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to their course. This includes – face coverings, face shields, gloves, etc. 
  • The Annapolis Sailing School places no special restrictions on face coverings as long as the covering suitably covers your nose and mouth.  Face coverings can be N95s or surgical masks, neck gaiters, bandanas, T-shirts, cotton face coverings, etc. 
  • Customers are strongly encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer. 
  • Customers must be vigilant in the disposal of their PPE on Sailing School Property. The Sailing School will make available a suitable number of trash receptacles outdoors to best mitigate the accidental littering of PPE into our waterways and property. 
  • Customers and guests are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles, PFDs, and sunscreen to limit the spread of germs to Sailing School equipment. 

Property Rules

The following apply as soon as customers arrive on property:

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged when interacting with Annapolis Sailing School staff. 
  • Different groups of customers are encouraged to maintain social distancing and not mix groups. 
  • Members of the public are not allowed to solicit or linger on the property without a class inquiry, class registration, or a suitable other reason.

Sailing School Office Space

  • During indoor interactions, all guests over the age of 2 years old are encouraged to wear a face-covering – per Governor Hogan’s orders. 

First Aid

In our environment, accidents may occur that require first aid or medical attention. The Annapolis Sailing School has at least 1 (one) Red Cross First-Aid / AED Certified individual on staff at all times.  Annapolis Sailing School staff are allowed to provide band-aids and suitable first aid supplies to customers. Staff, however, are not allowed to administer first aid to customers. Customers must be able to apply any dressings or first aid supplies with the advice and guidance of Sailing School Staff. 

In the event that CPR is required, Annapolis Sailing School staff will follow directives from the American Heart Association to use a Bag-Valve Resuscitator for resuscitation.

Course Offerings

General Course Info

Per Maryland State guidance, while wearing a PFD, face coverings are not recommended. On the boats –  mutual consent applies. If all parties on the boat are comfortable with removing face coverings, they are not required. If one party is uncomfortable without face coverings, everyone must keep their face coverings on. 

Course Specific Guidance 

Evening Sails: 

  • Food will still be served by the sailing school provided the guests are comfortable with it. Guests are welcome to deny the provided foodservice and bring their own.

101 Certification/Basic Sailor Courses: 

  • No more than 3 (three) students on a rainbow plus 1 (one) instructor
  • The Sailing School will do our best to keep the same instructor with the same group of students through the duration of a multi-day course but this is not guaranteed. In the event that outside circumstances prevent this, a suitable replacement instructor will be assigned to the student group. 
  • The instructors and students will be assigned a dedicated Rainbow for the duration of their multi-day course.

103 Certification Course

  • No more than 3 (three) students plus a captain will be allowed on the boat during the duration of the course. 
  • 103 boats are utilized in the evening for evening sails – if one happens to fall on the night of their multi-day course the boat will be sanitized prior to and after the evening sail.

104 Certification Course

  • Overnights in the course are still scheduled to proceed contingent on the destination, and students are permitted to stay aboard the vessel. 
  • If there is an open cabin the captain may sleep in it for the night. 
  • Destination ports will be changed if the Annapolis Sailing School becomes aware of a COVID outbreak at the planned port for the safety of our students and instructor. 
  • Provisioning trips with your course instructor to the local grocery store are still being conducted. Students have the option to opt out of the trip or drive separate cars to the store. In lieu of the trip, course instructors can make a suitable provisioning lesson on land then procured by the captain.
  • All personnel aboard the vessel are required to wash their hands and/or change gloves before handling any kitchen equipment or provisions.

Private Instruction (PI)

  • PIs will proceed as scheduled. 

Offsite / Private Vessel Instruction

  • The instructor will bring suitable PPE.
  • Should the Annapolis Sailing School learn of a COVID outbreak in the port of call of the Private Vessel, the customer will be asked to reschedule the lesson. 


  • Renters are expected to gather their own equipment needed for rental (PFDs, sails, etc) from the sail storage shed. 
  • Renters must be able to rig their own boats.
  • Staff are allowed to answer rigging questions from the dock and inspect the vessel from a distance. The renters are ultimately responsible for the physical setup of the boats.
  • Rentals are responsible for all trash/PPE left aboard the vessel

Keelboat Club

Social Events

  • Will be reduced in frequency
  • Properly social distanced events where all parties are wearing face coverings will be permitted

Property Visits

  • KBC members and their families are still allowed to visit the property and use our beaches. 
  • KBC members should notify Sailing School Staff by phone, email, or in-person if they intend on using the property. 

Paddleboards and Kayaks

  • KBC members who are eligible to use them must check in with staff first. 

Sail Shed Clubhouse

  • Any food or beverages consumed in the clubhouse must be provided by the guests and all traces must be removed upon leaving the clubhouse. 

Monday Night Regattas

  • Permitted with restrictions 
  • KBC Members must RSVP for a boat by 4 pm the day of. 
  • Social gatherings are permitted with appropriate safety measures. 

KBC Rainbow Rentals

  • The same rules as regular Rainbow rentals apply to KBC rainbow rentals. 


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